Fourth Grade Homework Sheet

Please read daily for one hour. The level goal for our fourth graders is level T

Mrs. Gayle-Barrett and Ms. Lawrence – Class 4-401
Ms. Townsend and Mrs. Pierre-Louis – Class 4-402

Mon - Fri, Feb 05 - 09, 2018

Day Assigment

Math – Worksheet

❖ Math test Friday 2/9/18

Literacy – Study for literacy test tomorrow.

Writing - None

Social Studies – None

Science - None


Math – Worksheet


❖ Math test Friday 2/9/18

Literacy – Write definitions for vocabulary words. From the story "Hurricanes"

Writing - None

Social Studies Class-401 - Work on state packet. Due 2/9/18

Science - None


Math – Worksheet /

❖ Math test Friday 2/9/18

Literacy – Write Antonym and Synonym.

Writing - None

Social Studies 401 - Work on state packet Due 2/9/18.

Science 402 - complete graphic organizer


Math - Worksheet /

❖ Math test Friday 2/9/18

Literacy – None

Writing - None

Social Studies - Class 401 - Work on state packet. Due 2/9/18.

Science Class 402 - Study for test on Monday 2/12/18


Math – Worksheet.

Literacy – Worksheet

Social Studies - None

Science Class 402 –Study for Science test on Monday 2/12/18

Important Notes
  1. Class 401 & 402 complete Social Studies State Packet Due 2/9/18
  2. Class 4-401 Gym Days: Monday and Wednesday
    Class 4-402 Gym Days: Tuesday and Friday
  3. Please be sure to have your child in their complete uniform and gym uniform on their gym days.
  4. Please continue to log on to Khan Academy for Math support
  5. Please have Scholars complete their reading logs daily

There are often times situations appear beyond our control. We understand when some of the students are missing homework due to death in the family or becoming ill. However, homework is another way to see if your child is understanding classwork. A note from home provides us with reasons why your child is missing homework BUT the homework still has to be made up and consequences may still occur. Late homework will also receive consequences (detention, missing an incentive, and most of all, low grades on test exams). We are encouraging students to complete all homework and hand it in on time. If your child is absent, homework still has to be made up. If your child comes home with a missing homework note, please sign and return it with the missing homework.
Thank You