Rochdale Early Advantage Charter School (REACS)

Fifth Grade Homework Sheet

Literacy assessment on Friday consisting of comprehension, grammar and vocabulary.

Ms. Daniels – Class 5-01
Ms. Taylor and Mrs. A - Class 5-02
Mr. Cyriac- Math Specialist
Ms. Gala- Literacy Specialist

Mon - Fri, February 13 - 17, 2017

Physical Education takes place on Monday, and Thursday

Day Assigment

Math: Lesson 9.3 (class 501)

Literacy: Worksheet. (Class 502)


Literacy: Worksheet. (class 501)

Math: Lesson 9.3 (class 502)


Literacy: assignment in journeys. (class 502)

Math: Lesson 9. 4 (class 501)


Social Studies: complete assignment.


Math: Lesson 9.4 (class 502)

Literacy: Worksheet. (class 501)

Important Notes
  1. Please make sure that your child is reading the journeys textbook, when given the assignment to bring it home.
  2. Physical Education takes place on Monday, and Thursday
  3. Please read at least 30 minutes a day.  Read out loud for 10 minutes of your reading time.