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Arayan Godfrey (2-202)

Parental involvement is a vital element in a child’s education. When parents partner up with teachers, they form a dynamic duo that brings the best of both worlds together in collaboration. Scholars spend most of their weekdays at school, and evenings and weekends at home. Both environments support learning. Arayan Godfrey (2-202, Ms. Ackerman’s and Ms. Johnson’s class) loves both his home and school so much, he takes the initiative to make sure his parents and teachers stay connected.

"Arayan loves his teachers very much," said his mother, Mrs. Godfrey. "He talks about school all the time at home, and he wants to be a teacher." When Arayan comes home from school, he likes to tell his mother all that he has learned and share his favorite parts of the day with her. He even models the qualities of a teacher when he plays with his younger brother Evin ( Ms. Bennett and Ms. Maison’s 1-102). He patiently leads his brother in the activity and checks on him to see how he is doing. "I like to play with my brother, we have a lot of fun," Arayan said.

He talks about school all the time at home, and he wants to be a teacher.

Mrs. Godfrey said staying in regular communication has helped Arayan improve this school year. If there are any concerns, she said, she knows that she can contact Ms. Ackerman or Ms. Johnson at any time and they will keep her up to date on his progress and offer tips for Arayan to stay on track at home. "He likes when I talk to the teachers," Mrs. Godfrey said. He works hard in school because he wants his teachers to recognize that he is doing the right thing.

"I want my teachers to be proud of me," he said. Arayan enjoys the fun and attentive ways his teachers bring classwork to life. He likes to show his mother at home before he does his homework.

"Then he will go off to do most of his homework by himself. He wants to try it on his own first," Mrs. Godfrey said. Arayan exhibits a strong understanding of ELA, but says Math is his favorite subject now because of multiplication, which surprises his parents. "He does well in ELA," his mother said, but "I like multiplication the best," Arayan pointed out. Mrs. Godfrey appreciates that Arayan’s teachers give her phone calls simply to say that Arayan is doing well, which she finds very encouraging. "It is nice to get those phone calls, and Arayan’s teachers are very good to him. He wants to be good for them, and so I can get one of those phone calls."

Even if she didn’t get one of those phone calls, Arayan is so excited about his education that he will remind his mother to contact them. Mrs. Godfrey is thankful for all of the work Arayan’s classroom teachers; Ms. Perillo (SETTS Coordinator), and Ms. Kaye (Speech) put in to make every day at REACS a pleasant experience for him. At school, Arayan is in a positive, supported environment where he gets to be himself and thrive. It feels like home. At home, Arayan takes away so much from his time in the classroom that he wants to make home more like school. For Arayan, there’s no place like home/school and his parents and teachers make sure both places help him grow and experience the best aspects of childhood: fun and discovery

Arayan favorite things:
Playing with his brother
Video Games
Spaghetti and Meatbals