Scholar Spotlight (See All)

Tyrone Cooper (501)

by Ms. Holly

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" is a question regularly posed to children. Parents, family friends and teachers are curious about the interests of the scholars in their lives and what that will look like in the years to come. Our scholar this month, Tyrone Cooper (Class 5-501, Ms. K. Daniels/Mr. Harville), has an answer to that question. He also has a new attitude and enthusiasm to ensure his dream becomes a reality.

"I'm going to be a writer when I grow up," he said. "I like to write essays." In order to help Tyrone get closer to his goal, he decided over the summer that his approach to learning needed to change.

"This year, I want to listen to the teacher and learn a lot, so I can write better. I'm also improving on my handwriting," he said.

Tyrone's attentiveness and focus are the results of some time he spent reflecting on his behavior as a fourth grade student. "Last year, some things got out of hand," he said. "I wanted to change that." In the classroom, Tyrone liked talking and joking around whenever he thought his teacher wasn't looking. He didn't believe misbehaving was that bad, even though he would quickly correct himself whenever Mr. Dunlap walked into the room. He would just go right back to being silly as soon as Mr. Dunlap walked out. He didn't see any harm in talking to his friends.

He doesn't let anyone distract him from his classwork. He's growing into a young leader in the classroom

"I should have been listening to the teacher," Tyrone said. He felt like he wasn't being himself. When he continued being off-task in the classroom, it got to a point where even though he considered doing the right thing, he was so used to being the wacky student. He thought it meant he had to stay that way. When he spoke with his mother over the summer, she shed light on how hard she worked to provide a good life for him. He realized he had been taking her for granted. His father, a writer, has his own publishing company and plans on passing the company on to Tyrone when he is an adult. Tyrone dreams about running the company one day and publishing his essays. It became clear to him that if he wasn't taking school or his writing seriously, he wouldn't be fit to take on such a responsibility.

"I wanted to make all of them-my Mom, my Dad, and my teachers proud. I knew I had to try harder and learn better in school," Tyrone said. "Also, I definitely want to get into a good middle school."

The new Tyrone is doing great! "He comes in, he gets things done," said Mr. Harville. "He doesn't let anyone distract him from his classwork. He's growing into a young leader in the classroom", he said.

To learn how great authors write, Tyrone reads a lot of books. He is currently reading Crispin: The Cross of Lead by Newberry Award Medal winning author Avi. Reading great books inspires Tyrone to write more. "I enjoy writing, it helps build my imagination and I want to write more articles and more stories. I am reading more nonfiction, too. I would like to write a book that a kid could learn from," he said.

It looks like Tyrone has learned some great lessons about determination and starting over. He said it feels rewarding to have the opportunity to get a company from your father. He is willing to put in the work to make it happen. Maybe one day we can all read one of Tyrone's books and he'll tell his readers everything he did to succeed. In a way, he rewrote a new chapter in his life and we look forward to the happy ending.

Tyrone's Favorite Things:

  1. -Reading chapter books
  2. -Playing video games
  3. -Playing tag
  4. -Playing soccer
  5. -Seafood