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Brandon Key (302)

by Prisye Johnson

Brandon Key (Mrs. Richardson/ Mrs. Kiernan, 3-302) is a nine year old with a passion for playing the drums. If you’ve seen Brandon around school, you’ll probably noticed that drums are constantly on his mind.

He is part of a band named the Mistletoes and plays at The Bitter End in New York City

You may have seen him moving his hands quickly across a notebook while he bops his head. If not, maybe you’ve seen him using the cafeteria table as a drum set and his hands as the drumsticks. If you haven’t seen any of this, perhaps you’ve heard the sounds of an upbeat tempo when you walked down the halls. It is my pleasure to introduce Brandon to you.

Brandon’s musical influences are KC Grouper and Tony Rooster Junior. He began drumming at six years old when his father bought him his first drum set. As a self-taught musician he does not take lessons, but he practices every day. He even practices without a drum when tables and notebooks or backpacks become the closest substitute for an instrument he has at reach.

Brandon’s favorite subject is Literacy and his teachers say that he is on a Level T. This is very impressive for a 3rd grade scholar!

His teachers are so enthusiastic about his musical talent that he was asked to play the drums for International Day. Brandon sat at his drum set in front of the entire school and liked right at home. That is largely due to his experience as a performer. He is part of a band named the Mistletoes and they play together at venues like The Bitter End in New York City. You should check them out, they have great videos of their shows on YouTube.

Brandon spends a lot of time practicing on his drums and he spends a lot of time riding his dirt bike. He loves going to the park with his family. I’ve included a list of some of his favorite things below. When you see Brandon around the school, say hello. He will be happy to talk with you about music.

Brandon's Favorite Things:

  1. Playing basketball with his Dad
  2. Playing Soccer
  3. Books about drums
  4. Playing the drums
  5. Pizza