December 19th, 2016 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Attendees: R. Wilson, K. Sandiford, S. Fairclough-Leslie, L. Hamer, M. Anglin, C. Williams, T. Muniz, N. Pace, A. Davis

After a short welcome from Dr. Hamer, the meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

Verification of public notice was reported by Ms. Muniz.

The attendance sheet was signed and submitted to Ms. Muniz.

The agenda was reviewed; R.Wilson made the motion to accept the agenda, K. Sandiford seconded the motion.

The minutes from last meeting were reviewed; K. Sandiford made a motion to accept minutes from November 28th with any necessary corrections. C. Williams seconded the motion.

Business Operations Report – Ms. Muniz

274 K-5 students, 36 UPK students registered. In good financial standing and operating within budget. Profit and Loss report was handed out with UPK and K-5.

Principal Report – Mr. Dunlap

5th grade formal dinner held this past Friday (12/16/16). Basketball team came in 2nd place; Toy donation is underway; reaching out for grade 2 mentors. Holiday celebration and secret Santa is 12/23/16. Saturday Mathematics academy is underway. Informal observations are complete. Academic support parent meeting was held 12/7/16. Behavioral plan was handed out.

CEO Report – Dr. Rice via L. Hamer

$250,000 grant was put in for a new building; moving forward with space acquisition; preliminary decision on charter renewal possibly by Friday.

Academic Report – C. Williams

Meeting was postponed due to inclement weather.

Personnel Report – K. Sandiford

Interviewing for 3rd grade SPED teacher.

PTO Report – A. Davis

Toys for tots were contacted but there is no resolution on if they will come. Ice Cream social next meeting. Gifts for all students will be handed out on behalf of PTO.

Finance Report – M. Anglin (NO REPORT)

Fundraising Meeting – L. Stephens (NO REPORT)

Everyone was thanked again for coming out from Dr. Hamer. Motion was made to accept H. Crosley as a REACS board member R. Wilson motioned. K. Sandiford seconded; Next board meeting will be 1/23/17 at 6:30pm. Meeting was adjourned at 7:32p.m. Meeting was followed by executive session.