July 25th, 2016 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Attendees: C. Rice, R. Wilson, L. Hamer, K. Sandiford, D. Benons, L. Stephens, T. Muniz, D. Dunlap, C. Williams, N. Pace, A. Davis

After a short welcome from Dr. Hamer, the meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m.

Verification of public notice was reported by Ms. Muniz.

The attendance sheet was signed and submitted to Ms. Muniz.

The agenda was reviewed; K. Sandiford made the motion to accept the agenda, R. Wilson seconded the motion.

The minutes from last meeting were reviewed; C. Williams made a motion to accept minutes from June 27th with any necessary corrections. K. Sandiford seconded the motion.

Business Operations Report – Ms. Muniz

273 K-5 students registered; 31 UPK students; looking to fill remaining UPK slots. 2016-2017 Budget was passed out; cash disbursements reports were passed out. DOE reconciliation report is currently being worked on.

Principal Report – Mr. Dunlap

Interviews being conducted; looking at skills and strategies report for 3 rd -5 th grade, N. Pace to assist. Working on the renewal for 2016-2017 with N. Pace; working on scheduling for 2016-2017 school year. Mr. Gibson and staff completing work on classrooms. Fundations training for 1 st and 2 nd grade will commence (dates TBA). Classroom set-up for teachers will be August 15-19 (optional); staff due back on August 22. Attended Math Camp and will pass on information to staff; after School Academy and Saturday Academy will be worked on with N. Pace; received a revised discipline report.

CEO Report – Dr. Rice

Met with Architect and looking to expand classrooms. Restored grant written for school property improvements (playground, fence, paving). NYC DYDC restored money from 2014. D. Miller looking to obtain more money for school. Painting has commenced for classrooms and looking for approval to improve lighting in cafeteria.

Academic Report – C. Williams

Met on July 14; reviewed DOE visit and renewal application. Reviewed Art Plus program; awaiting information from vendor. Discussed teacher interviews for 1 st , 5 th grade and P.E. teacher; discussed ending school year 2 days earlier and impacts. Reviewed classroom assignments and consultant assessments.

Personnel Report – K. Sandiford

1st, 5th and P.E. positions are open. Looking to interview Mr. Cyriac for Math specialist; reviewing art proposal; looking to move Ms. Taylor to an additional position in place of Social Studies cluster.

PTO Report – A. Davis

Currently working on schedule and will meet August 22 to further plan.

Finance Report – M. Anglin (NO REPORT)

Fundraising Meeting – L. Stephens

Looking to formulate a committee and generate ideas.

A motion was made by L. Stephens (C. Williams seconded) for a preliminary approval to allow REACS to advance into long-term lease with New Jerusalem Worship Center for $500,000 for vacant lot.

Everyone was thanked again for coming out from Dr. Hamer. Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m. Next board meeting will be 8/22/16 at 6:30.