September 26th, 2016 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Attendees: L. Hamer, L. Stephens, R. Wilson, C. Williams, M. Anglin, T. Muniz, N. Pace, D. Dunlap, A. Davis, S. Fariclough-Leslie

After a short welcome from Dr. Hamer, the meeting was called to order at 6:48 p.m.

Verification of public notice was reported by Ms. Muniz.

The attendance sheet was signed and submitted to Ms. Muniz.

The agenda was reviewed; R. Wilson made the motion to accept the agenda, M. Anglin seconded the motion.

The minutes from last meeting were reviewed; L. Stephens made a motion to accept minutes from August 22nd with any necessary corrections. M. Anglin seconded the motion.

Business Operations Report – Ms. Muniz

274 K-5 students; 34 UPK students. Ongoing enrollment for UPK. Smart board training, new technology up and running. Financial position is good and within budget. Finance and Operations portion of charter renewal has been completed. Independent financial audit will be 9/28.

Principal Report – Mr. Dunlap

Good start to school year with staff and students. DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) time has begun at the beginning of school. Sports and tryouts are beginning this week (9/28); sharing best practices with 5 other charter schools in the community. Music program begins 9/27; teacher training is ongoing and will be disseminated during professional development. Middle School info is ongoing and Middle School fair will be held this month. Smile Dentist is offering cleaning for students 9/27. Volunteers from August Martin H.S. will be coming this week as tutors. Prep for all teachers is available: F&P, Go Math, Terra Nova. Meet the teacher night 9/27. Special staff recognition was given. NYAC, LIU Brooklyn, Queens College and Adelphi college partnerships were discussed.

CEO Report – Dr. Rice via T. Muniz

Flooring and lighting have been completed in fellowship hall; expansions of classrooms have been completed. Currently working on last temporary C of O and apply for a permanent C of O. Looking for additional sponsors via the charter school network reception. Negotiated with NJWC to agree to a land lease in advance to demolish the house and allowing REACS to build an expansion facility. Receiving a reimbursement of deposit from developer for deposit put down on initial school expansion.

Academic Report – C. Williams (NO REPORT)

Personnel Report – K. Sandiford (NO REPORT)

PTO Report – A. Davis

All PTO Members were present for 1 st day of school; good start and recruitment. 1st Meeting held 9/21 – 51 parents attended. 1st PTO fundraiser was held; T-Shirt sale was held and was successful. Over $3K in funds from Scholastics which will help provide funds for school. PTO account was switched from Chase to TD Bank. Next meeting will be held 10/19.

Finance Report – M. Anglin (NO REPORT)

Fundraising Meeting – L. Stephens

1st meeting held 9/21; 3 parent volunteers will be on committee. 2 fundraisers will be held for the school year – spring breakfast and spring gala. Women’s themes and date (3/11/17 – proposed) are being discussed for the breakfast; $25.00 ticket price is being discussed along with additional chances for donations and raffles, etc. Catering Halls and dates (5/20/17 – proposed) are being looked at along with themes for the Spring Gala; staff and student recognition are also being discussed. $100.00 - $125.00 ticket price is being discussed

Bylaws were reviewed. R. Wilson made a motion to accept the bylaws with the necessary corrections and the new modifications; M. Anglin seconded. The vote for the land lease was postponed (need further clarification).

A Search for another board member with a law background is underway.

Need a conference call date with Dan Pasek for renewal visit. Need a date for separate meeting for building expansion.

Everyone was thanked again for coming out from Dr. Hamer. Meeting was adjourned at 7:52 p.m. Next board meeting will be 10/24/16 at 6:30. Meeting was adjourned for executive session.

In executive session, M. Anglin made a motion to accept the Art Buzz program; C. Williams seconded.