January 28th, 2019 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Attendees: R. Wilson, L. Hamer, C. Williams, C. Rice, M. Anglin, A. Knight, C. Moore, T. Muniz, L. Stephens, K. Sandiford, S. Fairclough-Leslie

After a short welcome from L. Hamer, the meeting was called to order at 6:44 p.m.

The attendance sheet was signed and submitted to Ms. Muniz.

Business Operations Report – Ms. Muniz

284 K-5 students registered; 36 UPK students registered. 2 student vacancies in Jan. (3rd and 4th grade), attempting to fill those as we speak. Currently in lottery season 233 total applications 48 Pre-K, 105-K, 21-1st , 21-2nd, 16-3rd , 14-4th , 9-5th and 50 for 6 th grade (projection). Application deadline is 4/1/19 and lottery will be held 4/16/19. Annual comprehensive report is almost complete and will be submitted in Feb. Computer lab is complete and ribbon cutting date TBD. Financial summary report ad cash disbursement reports were handed out; currently in a good fiscal position. Receiving deposits due for senior activities.

CEO Report – Dr. Rice

There was a heat loss/breakdown last week in the annex but was not reported until Thursday after a parent complaint. The unit was repaired Friday morning. Any building issues are to be reported to the CEO and Ms. Muniz A.S.A.P. going forward. Two of the six permits were issues in respect to the construction process. The CEO is being added as an applicant of record but 35 hours of training need to be complete so there is access to information pertaining to the application. Closing date is expected by next week so construction loans can be drawn down. Has reached out to companies that retrofits gyms and received a price of $80K for construction to the school purchased next to the church. In negotiating with NJWC (New Jerusalem Worship Center) to purchase this A.S.A.P. Looking to be online within the next two months. Paving work completed and play area completed. Reviewed the governor’s 2019-2020 executive budget.

Principal Report – D. Knight/ C. Moore

Mid-year assessments are underway. F&P (Fontus and Pinnell) assessments are due 2nd week in Feb. Running records are due 2nd week in Feb. Ready program will be used for ELA and Math exams. Engage for ELA and math is also being used for student assessment and placement. Student behavior is be assessed with guidance counselor and IEP coordinator. After school program is continuing (ELA on Wednesdays and Math on Thursdays). Soccer is being held (practice on Tuesdays and games on Saturdays). Dr. King celebration was held 1/18/19. PTO function was held (Holiday Toy drive). "Super Bowl of caring" will be held in 2/1/19 for food collection for the needs. Popcorn drive was held and successfully completed. Still looking for A.M. and P.M. parent volunteers for arrival and dismissals. Ms. Jaimie White and Ms. Marylee Leibowitz are continuing in the area of staff professional development. Still looking for interns and retirees for help with staff. UPK awards ceremony was held 1/17/19. Data evaluation has been completed for students for the first half of the year and methods for improvement for students was discussed as well. Observations for staff is underway and almost complete; a mock ELA and Math exam will be held after that.

Academic Report – C. Williams

Met on 1/15/19; spoke on Saturday academy improvement. Looking for qualified volunteers (retirees, college students) to help with student development and comprehension. Looking to improve current volunteer participation. Beginning the review of the current parent and staff handbooks for the 2019-2020 school year. Arranging representatives from I-Ready ad A-Net companies to present tier programs for possible purchase for the school year 2019-2020. Planning enrichment strategies for level 4+ students on each grade. Organizing workshops for assistance in homework, testing, computer access, study habits, etc…

Personnel Report – K. Sandiford

Still looking for ELA interventionist and computer tech. Looking to have March job fair to get early entry on applicants.

PTO Report – D. A. Seabourne - No Report

Finance Report – M. Anglin- No Report

Fundraising Meeting – L. Stephens - No Report

L. Hamer discussed the importance of having a succession plan for school leader, board chair and CEO. Everyone was thanked for coming out; K. Sandiford made a motion to vote for a succession plan with any necessary corrections or changes needed; M. Anglin seconded; it was approved. Next board meeting will be 2/25/19 at 6:15 p.m. Meeting was adjourned at 7:48 p.m. and executive session was held. In executive session the need for an assessment of staff needs was requested from administration; also the need for additional hires for lunch aids and T.A’s (teacher assistants).