May 20th, 2019 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attendees: M. Anglin, K. Sandiford, C. Williams, S. Fairclough-Leslie, C. Rice, T. Muniz, A. Knight, C. Moore

The attendance sheet was signed and submitted to Ms. Muniz.

Dr. Hamer called the meeting to order at 6:45 PM

Welcome & Introductions

Ms. Anglin made the motion to accept the agenda with any necessary corrections.

Ms. Williams seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Review of minutes

Ms. Williams made the motion to accept the minutes with necessary corrections.

M. Anglin seconded the motion

Business Operations Report – Ms. Muniz

  • STUDENT DATA- 2018-2019
    K-5 STUDENTS 281
    • Registration has started for 2019-2020 school year
    • Preliminary Audit starts on June 18th
    • Financial Summary- 5/17/19-submitted- School in good fiscal position
    • Cash disbursement report-Submitted
    • Vote for Medical coverage

Principal Report – D. Knight

  • Scholar Learning/Celebrations
    • The New York State Mathematics Test was administered on Wednesday, May 1 and Thursday, May 2nd , 2019.
    • The New York State Science Test will be administered on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 for our grade 4 scholars only.
    • In preparation for the New York State Science Test, the Afterschool Program will continue for Grade 4 only on May 8th and May 15th last day and the Saturday Science Academy was held on May 11th and May 18th last day.
    • Grades K-2 attended field trips during the testing period on May 1st and 2nd.
    • Monday, May 6th – Friday, May 11th was Staff Appreciation Week. Staff was treated to breakfast and lunch on several days. Special thanks to the Board of Directors, the PTO and Ms. Mercurius, grade 4 parent for the delicious food and gifts.
    • Grade 4 and grade 5 attended trips on May 9th , the Museum of New York and College Tour at Queens College respectively.
    • Grade 5 attended their first senior on May 10 to Medieval Times. Their second trip will be held on May 24th to iPlay America.
    • The Science Fair was held on Monday, May 13th.  Scholars from each class explained the class project as well as had a question and answer period.  All presentations were on display and each class was able to visit the various projects and ask questions to the class representatives. Parents were invited to view scholar’s projects.
    • The Spring Show presented by will be held Friday, May 31st from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.
    School Culture/Civic Engagement
    • The vision screening was held for our grades kindergarten and grade 1 scholars on May 6, 2019.
    • The Karate and Dance Programs continues each week.
    • Art and music with Ms. Debi Dixon began on May 8, 2019.
    Parent Involvement/PTO/Volunteers
    • The PTO held their monthly meeting on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 6:30. Special Thank You to the parents who assist with meeting and greeting our Scholars every morning before work. (We are still looking for parent volunteers to assist with scholars arrival and dismissal).
    • Administration has reached out to (and will continue to) Mrs. Rose Watson, (Leader of volunteers), to solicit volunteers with strong student behavior management skills to assist in the cafeteria.
    • Parents are encouraged to allow buses to safely drop off/pick up students in front of REACS. (Please refrain from double parking/blocking buses during student morning (am) arrivals and afternoon (pm) departures).
    School Partnerships
    • Ms. Jaime White met with the teaching staff on Wednesday, May 15, 2019.
    • The Butler Consulting/School Assessment Firm held meetings with the leadership, staff, and parents.
    • The Pre-Renewal Charter Office “Pop-In” was held on Tuesday, May 14, 2019.
    • Partnerships-United Black Men of Queens fair-well on 5/15/15 for 2018-19 (Cookies and juice social.)
    • Dr. Rice and Mrs. Muniz will meet with the Safety Committee on needs of UPK.
    • Our Physical Education Teacher, Mr. Anderson continues his trips to Pre-K for the Movement Class.  The young scholars look forward to each session.
    • Pre-K will have their vision tested on June 3, 2019.
    Student/Staff Recruitment and Retention Initiative
    • School Administration & Staff continue to conduct interviews for staff vacancies.
    • REACS Job Fair will be held in June.

PTO Report – No Report given

CEO Report – Dr. Rice

SNAP Sports – Supplied a bid for a wooden floor. Ms. Anglin made a motion to contract with Snap Sports to construct the gym flooring. Ms. Sandiford seconded the motion.

Department of Buildings required a schedule for the construction of the building. Dr. Knight and Dr. Rice seeking out optional space should the DOB not approve the TCO by September.

Committee Reports

Finance Report – Ms. Anglin reported that no meeting was held.

Academic Accountability Report – Ms. Williams no report.

Personnel Report – Ms. Sandiford shared that there are two vacancies, general education, teacher and ELA specialist. Job Fair June 22, 2019 from 9:00 – 1:00PM. Send out additional posting to colleges with Educational programs.

Fundraising Report –no report.

Parent Questions/Concerns

Survey link from the consultant who presented last month at the PTA meeting.

Can the PTO Bylaws be amended?

Will we be having a Parent Coordinator to liaise between the school and the parents.

Dr. Hamer made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:25 PM. Ms. Fairclough-Leslie seconded the motion.

Everyone was thanked for coming out: Next Meeting June 24, 2019.

Executive Session

Expansion Planning – Approved for growing up to eight grade starting with 6th grade in September 2019. Next meeting

Ms. Fairclough-Leslie made the motion to change the staff health insurance benefit from Aetna to Oxford effective June 1, 2019.

Ms. Sandiford seconded the motion. All were in favor.