October 28th, 2019 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attendees: R. Wilson, C. Williams, C. Rice, L. Hamer, D. A. Seabourne, S. Fairclough-Leslie, K. Sandiford, A. Knight, C. Moore

After a short welcome from L. Hamer, the meeting was called to order at 6:46 p.m.

Verification of public notice was sent and confirmed.

The attendance sheet was signed and submitted to Ms. Muniz.

An item was added to the agenda as per L. Hamer for discussion in executive session

C. Williams made a motion to accept the agenda; R. Wilson seconded; motion was passed. The minutes were reviewed from 9/23/19, K. Sandiford a motion to accept the minutes with any necessary corrections; C. Williams seconded, motion was passed.

Business Operations Report – Ms. Muniz

K-5 number of students - 295; UPK – 36, 6th grade – 40, SPED – 40, ELL – 3. Ongoing marketing for 15 students to fill open slots. 2018-2019 Audit completed with no findings (89.1% of funds spent for student programming. Preparing accountability report due on 11/1/19. Analysis and adjustments were made to the 2019—2020 budget. Financial Summary and Cash disbursement reports were given to the board.

CEO Report – Dr. Rice

Annex building should be 100% complete in the next two-three weeks. The banks requirements have been met but they have expired; re-approval will take place as the underwriters will be here this Friday. A board candidate resume and a candidate for employment’s resume was submitted to the board. A proposal was made by the CEO to name the new school gym to the Kevin Lamon Miller Gym, a young child killed on his way home from school.

Principal Report – S. Fairclough-Leslie

Report was given to display the math and ELA goals for the 2019-2020 school year. Focus standards and test results report was also given and spoken to from the school leader. Focus standard report was based on the test results from last year. Also, in the school leader’s report were a snapshot on school activities - trips, staff technology. Items were given from the school leader to the board for vote. Clarifications were made from board chair allowing the school leader to approve purchases within budget as long as there are 3 bids; also, school leader is approved to hire candidates without vote from board. K. Sandiford made a motion to purchase illuminate, D.A. Seabourne seconded; vote was passed. C. Williams made a motion to approve generate ready to support staff, K. Sandiford seconded, vote was passed with one abstain.

Academic Report – C. Williams

C. Williams indicated that focus goals were discussed at last meeting; staff development, academic enrichment programs, academic intervention and parent volunteers were discussed as well. Indicated that the academic committee is working well with school administration to achieve goals.

Personnel Report – K. Sandiford

One vacancy (4 th grade general ed teacher). Process is ongoing to fill vacancy.

PTO Report – D. A. Seabourne

PTO conducted two separate meetings 10/4, 10/23; parent concerns, volunteer training sessions were held in these meetings. Popcorn fundraiser has begun – goal is $5,000.00. PTO sponsored two bully prevention performances which will take place 11/1/19. All elected positions have been filled as per the September PTO meeting. The PTO bank balance was given, and cash statement was given to the board.

Finance Report – M. Anglin - NO REPORT

Fundraising Meeting – L. Stephens - NO REPORT

L. Hamer thanked all for coming out; next board meeting will be 11/25/19 at 6:30 p.m. Meeting was adjourned at 8:02 p.m.

In executive session, board members will do a better vetting process to screen and approve new prospective board members; proposal is being made to alter the board questionnaire.